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Reverence for Our Connection

It really boils down to this; that all of life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.
                                                                                                                    - Martin Luther King

Just the simple act of conserving has a tremendous ripple effect. We can further enjoy life by more compassionate relationships with people, plants, animals, bugs, rocks since we all rely on all things to survive. As guests on this precious earth we may chose either to respect or disregard our delicate world. Can we as a people have the courage to find how we can best make this visit enjoyable?

We, humans are part of the other 30 million diverse species on this planet. May we face the fact that all things are connected and we humans are interdependent not independent of all things? Let's all acknowledge that ultimately we apart of the land since eventually we end up as becoming compost in it?

We all come from the earth and so we will all someday return to the earth. Yet many of us constantly forget and neglect the most important thing, how we live. We are at a critical time as humans on this planet. Do we belong to the land or does the land belong to us? Already our neglect of the earth is making this planet unlivable for many beings. We are running quickly out of time due to man's delusion that we are "Masters of the Universe." What action must we take for us to further survive? We have a sacred instruction form the 60,000 years of shared wisdom that our wise native ancestors left for us to care for our earth. Indigenous people have always believed that we belong to the land not the land belongs to people.

Now we are facing a complicated time since resource issues are becoming accelerated as our human numbers excel. Devastation of land, cultures, indigenous people, species, and ecosystems threatens that very foundation of life itself. We must invest in more sustainable ways so to encourage democratic ideals that support the building not destroying of community. These opportunities will excel themselves when we shift our culture based on consumption that depletes to one of conservation that replenishes. A new respect for people, places and things must unfold so that there are developed commonly accepted standards for environmental integrity.

In our culture of "effluent affluence" we must take responsibility for actions and consequences if we wish to be free. Maybe we can evolve from an information age to a wiser one where we value things beyond their price tag. Americans will only prosper if we become truly economical not just consumers. A rich life does not necessarily translate into a richer life since well being is wealth. Let's enjoy our life now and conserve for our seventh generation.

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