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Consulting and Speaking:
I am available for consulting projects and speaking engagements for your group or organization.
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» For the last 25 years I have been the umpire and have helped run the Arts for the Aging Tennis    Benefit, raising money for this organization.

» I have been assisting the Bethesda Green, Recycling and Sustainable Materials Working Group and Edgemoor Club in more environmental friendly practices.

» During 2006-2007 I have been a consultant for the Pure Water Forum . I have developed and written graphic and web materials.

» For the Northern Virginia Waste Management Board, I have been both a staff member (1992-2000)    and consultant (2001- 2007) assisting with various recycling programs, waste programs and    environmental issues. I helped developed the web site. Refer to to see further work.

» Facilitator for the Shenandoah Valley Wastewater Operators Network

» Volunteering with the Camp Roosevelt CCC Legacy Foundation