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Conservation Matters (Blog)

I have always deplored the waste and disrespectful use of natural resources. I find happiness from all the beautiful ways we have to show gratitude by helping our earth and people. From this action I receive what I call "happy returns."

All my life I've held a deep appreciation for sound resource management. Reducing, re-using, and finding other sustainable ways to conserve energy and preserve resources has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I have had the good luck to have learned from my grandmothers and numerous wise teachers. It was no accident that in 1977 when I moved to Edinburg, Virgina, I discovered it is the home of the Civilian Conservation Corps

We Are at a Critical Time in our History

Simple conservation of water, energy, consumer products and many other things will lessen climate change and create positive economic benefits in the form of new jobs. The social and psychological benefits are enormous, bringing us back to our "roots."

I believe our future security will support even more ingenious and environmentally benign ways to save water, air, and our land. As we make wiser use of our rapidly depleting resources, thrifty management directly translates into improving the quality of life for future generations.


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