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Awe's Earth Heart Quest

There was once a little Asian girl named Awe Tzu, whose name meant Grace.

She lived alone with her sickly mother.

Since she was very young, Awe had learned to use everything they had.

It was no accident that the letters in Awe's name spelled Awaken With Earth, because she loved to roll and play in the dirt and even sleep on the bare ground.

Food was scarce.

One day Awe was very hungry and could not find any food.

She was afraid to go out to the nearby forest alone.

Then she saw three eagles chasing each other in a heart-shaped circle in the sky, and her fear became transformed into courage.

Then when Awe went into the forest, she noticed how her heart expanded and she began to feel great comfort and safety.

It was as if her mother was holding her up.

While walking the pine needle path she was approached by a very old man picking up herbs.

He greeted Awe, saying that his name was Lao Chi, which meant Wise Energy.

Lao Chi said to Awe, "All great things come from the Earth and from the heart."

He shared with Awe the herbs, greens, and mushrooms he had collected.
Awe shared with him her tears of joy, and her eyes sparkled.
From then on, she would go outside her village to find food in the forest, thanks to Lao Chi's help.
Awe took care of her mother by getting her food, and now she wished to show care for the earth for giving her that food and comfort.
One day when she found some wild strawberries, she wanted to show her thanks.
She noticed that when the wild berry was pulled in half it looked like a heart.
Contemplating this idea, she was filled with the wonder of a devoted heart.
Sharing the experience of many wise Masters, her heart was awakened by the Earth.
So when she finished eating the wild strawberry, she thanked the plant for the beautiful idea it had given her.
She invented a game she called "Caring For Ma."
Since this is what she was doing already for her mother, she wished to extend this thought to all things that touched her heart.
In this game everything is connected and has great value.
Caring For Ma was about awakening the heart by loving the Earth.
Every day, when Awe returned from the woods, the villagers would see how radiant Awe had become.
The more Awe played her game, the more luminous she became.
It was as if Awe was turning into a human light bulb.
One day the Queen of this region was passing through the village.
Awe was just returning from the woods with her bountiful gifts from Nature.
The Queen and Awe encountered each other.
The Queen was stunned by the twinkle shining out of Awe's eyes.
The Queen said, "I have never seen any person's eyes sparkle the way yours shine. Their light is greater than my diamonds and they twinkle more brightly than the stars at night."
How can this be? Where do you go and what have you been doing?
Awe paused and gently responded, "I go into those woods there, and when I search for food I play a game I made up called "Caring For Ma."
The Queen said, "I wish to take you to my husband the King, and his Royal Council, to share the treasure of your eyes and your ways."
Awe entered the King's Council with a delightful smile and radiating beams of light that filled the giant royal courtyard.
Immediately, the entire Council was taken by her luminous energy and loving presence.
The King said, "My wife tells me you have a secret treasure to share with us!"
Awe responded, "Dear King, I know only what I have been blessed to learn in the forest thanks to Lao Chi."
Awe shared, "I was afraid to go out to the nearby forest alone.
"Then I saw three eagles chasing each other in a heart-shaped circle in the sky and my fear changed to courage.
"When I entered the woods, my heart expanded and I felt great comfort and safety. It was like when my mother used to hold me.
"I found food for myself and my mother.
"I show my thanks for this gift by playing a game I made up called Caring For Ma."
The King asked, "How is this game Caring For Ma played?"
Awe responded, "I learned this game when I bowed before the spider's web, seeing that all things share a web of connections.
"All things are connected with one another in a magical way.
"I give thanks when I see one form helping another form to live. I show care for the forms with my gratitude.
"So I play, sing, dance, and laugh every time I see a new thing and make a connection with that new friend I have taken into my fellowship.
"The mushroom on the path I make my uncle. The frog I adopt as my aunt. In CaringForMa, all things are my relatives."
From the Council, a well-dressed Advisor spoke,
Awe immediately recognized it was Lao Chi.
"Awe, I find all sorts of herbs for food and medicine from the woods, and now you have given us an amazing remedy.
"Many hearts in this land have been starved and broken.
"Your game Caring For Ma is a remedy to restore the spirit and stimulate the heart.
"The diamond light shining out of your eyes has given me a tremendous insight.
"Your loving kind vision of three eagles chasing each other in a heart-shaped circle in the sky did this.
"Our Earth is our heart and our heart is the Earth."
Then the King proclaimed, "May all the people in this land celebrate and learn to play Caring For Ma. Let us rejoice in the way all things are connected!
"May loving kindness cure our broken hearts and may we cherish our land by showing caring and thanks!"
Magically once again, Awe saw above in the sky three eagles chasing each other in a heart-shaped circle.

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