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The Sacred Medicine Circle

May I remember to quiet my heart & bless the earth so to see the magical circle of life interconnecting all things! Observe the seven wonders of the universe:

1) East (yellow, eagle, grandfather) - Inhale you grateful warrior; inspired to the now of a reborn sunrise, appreciating my mind power as for the first time.

2) South (red, coyote, soul of nature) - Fully grow as a compassionate healer by paying attention to what has heart and meaning.

3) West (black, bear, grandmother) - Exhale as a balanced visionary creatively giving emotional voice to your introspection. Ask grandfather for help & vow never to feel unworthy since your respect yourself completes your love for all things!

4) North (white, wolf, spirit of sky) - Empty and insightful you're a wise teacher open to possibility and unattached to outcome. Sense your inner peace with a grateful prayer.

5) Above - Look at the creator oh Father sky. Ask for past beings to help you and future ones to heal you.

6) Below - Touch Mother earth and listen to what her creator and spirits says.

7) All Things - We are interconnected and related to all things. Pay attention that you do not separated yourself from anything since you are made of everything!

Reconnecting to our ancestor's reverence for life in order to benefit future generations We need to honor our ancestors' great teachings and, by doing so, plant seeds of hope for future generations. Exploring the archetypes of the Grateful Warrior, the Compassionate Healer, the Balanced Visionary and the Wise Teacher leads to a four-fold path.

East -    The Grateful Warrior's way is to know the right use of power - showing up in the present              moment!

South - The Compassionate Healer's way is to extend love - paying attention to what has heart and             meaning!

West -  The Balanced Visionary's way expresses creativity - giving voice to what we see!

North - The Wise Teacher's way is to practice wisdom - remaining open to all possibilities while being             unattached to outcome!

May we also remember the triad of life is based on the above, below and all things.

May our reverence for the Medicine Circle by of benefit to all beings!

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