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Regain ~ Less Is More

Kindly relate to people and places with respect. Cherish things instead of perishing them. Value everything because all life is priceless. Less is more!
Celebrate ingenious ways of honoring virtue.
Wisely use only what you need and what is present. Less is more!
Benefit by being of greater service. Design all facets of your life with thankful deeds and kind words. Less is more!
Be a helper giving your best and receiving your finding higher purpose, possibility and potential. Less is more!

Cultivate AWE: Awaken With Enthusiasm

Show there's a thousands of ways of blessings this planet. Take H off heart and place it at the end~ it spells Earth. Less is more!
Sharing and caring results in bettering our collective well-being. Rejoice since we are all related as temporary visitors.
Leave wherever you go better than you found it. Less is more!
Remember to reduce the negative and reusing the positive making the best you have. Remember to RE-GAIN celebrating this precious time and place. Less is more
Many happy returns! Less is More

Robert Arner, Regain: (Blog)


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